Wendy Samson: CEO

“Be careful what gets your attention; it will get all of your focus and your energy.”


Wendy Samson was paying attention over 20 years ago when she launched FutureSYNC International on April Fool’s Day. Although many doubted her plan, Wendy turned her focus and energy toward creating one of the most successful consulting businesses in the Pacific Northwest with clients located in all parts of the United States.

Highly respected and accomplished as a Leadership Development Consultant and Executive Coach, Wendy Samson is a strategic, visionary thinker. She has a passion for inspiring people — at all levels — to optimize their full potential, while maintaining a focus on accomplishing everything with graciousness.

Wendy’s presentation style is often humorous and always engaging. Participants in Wendy’s sessions leave ready to grow personally and professionally. They confidently know that they will succeed if they follow the lessons presented and do the “thought work” after.

Wendy believes that a “one size fits all” approach to leadership development no longer works. Today’s world of work brings together many different types of people with diverse work experiences. Those in leadership positions need to be prepared and well equipped to lead their teams to outstanding performance and results, while bringing about a commitment to excellence in the process. Wendy will customize training based upon what your particular team needs today to be successful.

Wendy’s many successful endeavors include the development and implementation of the Physician Leadership Program in partnership with the Montana Medical Association. When physicians and healthcare leaders across Montana voiced a need for the development of a program to build leadership capacity among physicians, the Montana Medical Association reached out to FutureSYNC International and Wendy Samson to develop the core curriculum. The response has been overwhelmingly positive from physicians who have previously attended, as well as those currently enrolled.

Through Wendy’s many training programs, she brings insights about team effectiveness and helps organizations become the best they can possibly be. Two exceptionally popular programs include the Personal Accountability Revolution  and the Igniting Employee Engagement seminars which uncover the link between accountable behavior and leadership with the level of discretionary effort employees put into their work.

Her Executive Intelligence program has assisted many senior level leaders in identifying and achieving meaningful results in their lives and careers. Wendy helps lay the foundation for embedding new mindsets and behaviors that allow for influence, credibility, and personal endorsements to manifest at the highest levels.

Wendy’s leadership expertise has been shared with many organizations and companies. Among the hundreds of clientsthat Wendy has worked with throughout the years are:  Montana State Fund, The Goodman Group, the State of Montana, Hi-Heat Industries, Montana Rail Link, the Montana Medical Association, and many others. Approximately 60% of FutureSYNC International’s business is in the healthcare industry.

Effective leadership produces outstanding performance and overall results — just see what FutureSYNC clients have had to say.

Wendy and her husband, Mike, live in Billings and have two grown children. They also enjoy spending time with their three grandchildren.