Shaun J. Gillis, M.D.

Shaun J. Gillis, MD – is an Ob/Gyn physician with a thriving practice in Bozeman, MT.  She has been involved with physician leadership since medical school at the University of Washington and has held leadership positions at both the state and national levels.

From 2012-2013 Dr. Gillis was the President of the Montana Medical Association and was able to help implement the Physician Leadership Effectiveness Program during her tenure. She was fortunate to be one of the students of the inaugural class, during which time she had the honor and privilege of working with Wendy Samson and learning about Mosaic Leadership.

The relationship-building and leadership effectiveness information she was exposed to had a profound impact on her and she knew that she had to continue working with Wendy and FutureSYNC. Her passion is to bring the leadership message to physicians, whom she believes are the people to lead the charge in changing healthcare for the better.

Additionally, Dr. Gillis is an active proponent of physician wellness.  Having gone through burnout and come out the other side more healthy than ever, Dr. Gillis sees a huge need for coaching in this area.  In addition to workshops, she recently co-authored a book entitled, "The Other Side of Burnout: Solutions for Healthcare Professionals".  This book is filled with ideas to help alleviate burnout symptoms and empower colleagues to be their best selves.  Dr. Gillis is excited to bring her experience, as well as her desire to learn more, to the FutureSYNC team.