Strategic Planning


By taking time to read this information, you are ahead of many of your competitors. Why?  Because you are taking action—not just planning to plan! It has not been stated any clearer than this:

 “Some people hope. Other people plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail.”Peter Drucker

FutureSYNC International is the cutting-edge provider of strategic planning services in the Rocky Mountain region. We have a proven track record of results-oriented outcomes. That is why many of our clients partner with us again and again.

FutureSYNC’s strategic planning team enables organizations to build their shareholder value even in times of uncertainty and change. We guide our clients to find innovative and creative strategies to ensure they thrive today, while also helping them build internal competencies to meet competitive challenges in the future. A core set of principles, incorporating future-based thinking and the refinement of continuous improvement strategies, guide our facilitation work. We favor a disciplined, to-the-point approach in gathering information and moving toward solutions.

Our interdisciplinary team’s planning techniques have made us a preferred strategic partner for a multitude of regionally based organizations. Our work ensures the crucial inclusion of both action-oriented outcomes and intentional re-calibration of your organization throughout the entire strategic planning process. We build the sessions around a future focused framework while utilizing the following method:


A = Alignment

  • Customizing the planning process and retreat experience

C = Calibrate, Collaborate and Communicate

  • Grounding Strategy:  Evolving the Mission, Vision and Values
  • Exploring Current and Future Reality:  Creating, Debriefing and Analyzing S.W.O.T.
  • Answering the BIG Questions

T = Tactics

  • Setting Direction:  Identifying and prioritizing key initiatives
  • Validating Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Determining Initiative Champions
  • Framing Execution Guidelines
  • Developing Execution Strategies

S = Sustainable Results

  • Quarterly Accountability Sessions reviewing:
  1. Outcomes
  2. Objectives
  3. Timelines
  4. Tasks and assignments

Contact FutureSYNC International to see how we can help guide you through a future-focused, results-oriented strategic planning process.