Mosaic Leadership


MOSAIC is not a one-time training event. Transformational change requires more than a one-time training session. The beauty of the MOSAIC framework is the developmental process – learning built on learning – and that leads to lasting positive change. The MOSAIC Leadership Development Program is delivered to your teams in custom fit modules comprising anywhere from six up to 28 sessions.

The MOSAIC Development Process™ is the “assurance policy” for generating and creating employee engagement and developing personal accountability cultures.

The 12 MOSAIC Modules

1.  Igniting Employee Engagement

2.  The Personal Accountability Revolution™

3.  Workplace Cultures. . . Intentionally Generating & Sustaining Consciously Competent Cultures

4.  Change Navigation and the Power of Choice

5.  Performance Coaching

6.  GroupWORKS™. . . Developing High Performance Teams

7.  Possibility Conversations. . . . Leadership Communication

8.  Credibility, Trust & Emotional Intelligence

9.  Hardwiring & Leading Service Excellence

10.  Generation Clash. . . Creating Synergy with Differences

11.  The Conflict Management Equation™

12.  Career and Succession Planning

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