Curt Swenson


Curt Swenson, PHR – When you think of the “frontier work ethic” it conjures up images of resiliency, common sense, authenticity, ingenuity, sweat equity, and integrity.  These are the qualities Curt brings to FutureSYNC International as Vice President and Master Facilitator/Leadership Coach. With broad, real-world experience and pragmatic, problem-solving approaches, Curt specializes in seeking first to understand your organization, then develops and delivers customized, engaging, practical interventions that drive meaningful business outcomes.

During his diverse twenty (20) year professional career, Curt has repeatedly demonstrated his abilities to get results, lead teams and grow employees.  He has successfully implemented leadership and succession programs in two separate organizations, from concept to implementation.

Curt has effectively led teams and entire departments.  He has provided leadership coaching, mentoring, conflict resolution and team development to many groups and organizations.  As a dynamic trainer, experienced facilitator, sought-after coach, and a proven leader, Curt brings an authentic, effective and credible approach to every engagement.

Born and raised on the hi-line of Montana, Curt grew up understanding the importance of business results. In fact, he was dependent on them.  As small business owners, his parents taught him the value of hard work and smart business decisions early on.  Curt worked his way through high school and college and graduated from the University of Montana with a dual major in Psychology and Sociology.  After ten (10) years as an employee in the criminal justice system, Curt discovered a fascination for teaching others and for systems improvement.  He has spent the last ten (10) years in the field of organizational development, leading and cultivating his passion for exposing and developing the potential in people and organizations.

Curt is a certified Professional in Human Resources, Master Facilitator, certified DiSC trainer, and Instructional Development expert.

Curt and his wife, Ann (a Helena native and school teacher) have five children, ranging in ages from grade school to college.  They are very proud to call Montana home and enjoy playing in the outdoors and chasing their kids around the state, watching their activities.


“Curt is a lifelong learner. He is an enthusiastic presenter, leader and organizational developer as well. He is always ‘ahead of the game’ in terms of the latest research or trends in the Organizational Development and Leadership profession. He is a true leader; experienced, courageous and ethical… Curt is my chosen mentor for these reasons.” 

Tracy Napier, Talent Management Consultant