The Catalyst Growth Coach (CGC) Process 

Catalyst: The conduit in which the chemical messengers in your brain galvanize the learning content to your intended outcomes

Growth: The process of developing or maturing one’s overall professional effectiveness and well-being

Coach: The designer, the tour guide and the champion of your metamorphosis


The Catalyst Growth Coach process challenges the “thin thinking” inherent in most conventional professional coaching models.   If your desired coaching target is to forge meaningful and lasting growth, CGC’s  Brain-Based Model is the right fit for you.  Our well-crafted coaching architecture is intentionally grounded in the latest research in neuroscience.


The Neuroscience of CGC
To begin the CGC process, your coach will lead you in the deconstruction of your current mind-set. It is that mind-set that predicts what you are able to think about and how you attempt to solve in real time.  CGC’s Brain-Based Model provides you with the right professional tools in order to transform your current autonomic “believing, thinking, and doing” patterns into your ability to think and act with the end in mind. Simply put, we teach you how to think about “what you think about” in order to secure a quantum leap your professional effectiveness.


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